$60.00per month

  • 4-8 Facebook posts per month, including:
  • Information about what your business does.
  • 1-2 special promotions, with coupons designed by Jessica
  • Links to interesting articles associated with your line of business and posts on other FB sites
  • Twitter posts three times a week.
  • Response to comments.


$80.00per month

    All of the items from the Basic package, plus:
  • 1 press release a month sent to local news outlets. Example here.These might include announcements about new products or area events. Additional press releases are $15 a piece as needed.
  • Calendar events sent to local news outlets (if applicable).
  • Monthly blog posting to your website, and links to the blog posted to Facebook and Twitter.


$120per month

  • All of the items from the Standard package plus:
  • A second press release sent a month.
  • Weekly blog posting (instead of monthly) posted on your website with links posted to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Daily Twitter post and 8-12 Facebook posts*.
  • Calendar updates to the company website (as well as sent to local news outlets if applicable).

Media Plan

$50flat fee

  • Jessica Rose will evaluate business and digital marketing needs and deliver a two-page document with a customized recommendation on how social media marketing can benefit your business.
  • This includes how or when to use tools like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, ScribbleLive, Flickr, Instagram, Storify, Prezi or Thinglink.
  • If you then set up a customized social media subscription, your first month will be 75 percent off.

Plus Subscriptions

Standard Plus

$150per month

  • Everything in the Basic Package.
  • Everything in the Standard Package.
  • Google Adwords Promotion ($50 worth).

Advanced Plus

$250per month

  • Everything in the Basic and Standard.
  • Everything in the Advanced Package.
  • Google Adwords Promotion ($90 worth).

Things you should know:

  • *Your type of business and personal preferences will help decide how many Facebook posts are appropriate.
  • Keep in mind that the Social Media Marketing Plan is optional. It can be used as a starting place, or you can go straight to a subscription.
  • Either now or after you have ordered a subscription, Jessica would like to ask you a few questions about your company.
  • » Continue to the questionnaire here.
  • To add more social media tools onto these packages, visit our Social Media add-ons page to select the package and number of extra tools needed.
  • We do ask that you plan to work with Jessica for at least 2 months in order to see results, but if you don’t feel like Jessica’s services are generating the results you want, you can stop your monthly payment at any time (with at least 7 days’ notice). Visit the Terms and Conditions to read about the refund policy.
  • Keep in mind that your services will start the Monday after you order.
  • To see examples of promotion designs and a press release, visit the example documents page.
  • If none of these packages exactly suit your needs (maybe you would rather swap out Twitter for another social media tool), contact Jessica and she will do her best to create a custom package.

How does Google Adwords work?

Google Adwords are the little promotions you see on the right column when you do a Google search. They are very effective because the ads only show up when people type in certain keywords, which means that your ad will be relevant to the searcher—they are already interested in your product! Jessica will get your Google Adwords campaign started with a “cost per click” setup. This means that she will set your budget to $50 or $90 per month (depending on the plan), and set your daily maximum to an appropriate level. Some keywords are in more demand, so the cost per click is higher, which means the daily max will be on a case by case basis. Once the user clicks the Google Ad, it is up to your website to catch their interest and convert them into a client. That is why combining Adwords with Facebook and other social media is useful. Your Facebook page can do more to set the groundwork with customers, getting their interest and telling them about yourself. With Adwords, there’s more pressure to catch them in that moment. The combination of these campaigns is an effective method of reaching people in more ways.

Adding on Social Media Tools

Additional social media tools can be added to the main subscription packages. Each additional Social Media tool is $15. Our clients are free to choose the additional tools they would like to use. If one is more obscure, check with Jessica on the feasibility of adding it to a package. Visit the Social Media add-ons page to select the package and number of extra tools needed. Currently, up to three tools can be added. Check with Jessica for a more substantial package. Tools might include the following:

  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a powerful tool to promote your business and skillset, and allows other businesses to recommend you. Jessica will set up an account for you and begin promoting your business through LinkedIn at least twice a month. Discuss options with her for more frequent LinkedIn utilization.
  • Pinterest: If you generate photos that could help promote and advertise your company, you might want to promote your business and products through Pinterest. Jessica will set up an account for your company and start pinning photos once a week for your business. The best photos come from your website, as they link back to your site and require less involvement on your part. Discuss options with Jessica for more frequent Pinterest utilization.
  • Google+ This is a Google tool similar to Facebook.
  • Flickr/Instagram/Prezi/ThingLink/Other Social Media: Customized options can be discussed on adding other social media tools to the mix.